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Thread: 18" Mustang Wheels

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    18" Mustang Wheels

    I purchased a set of used 2007/2009 Shelby GT500 wheels that are 18 x 9.5, but they stick out a little too much. I thought I've heard that there are certain year Mustang wheels that have the same offset as the stock Marauder wheel? I want a 9.5" wide wheel so I can run a 275 - 295 wide tire. Can someone let me know what year Mustang wheels have the same offset as the stock Marauder so they don't stick out?

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    I've got my drag radials on a set of knockoff 2010 Gt500 wheels with a set of 305/45/18 Nittos that are right at the edge of the wheelwell on top. The tires are 3.5 inches wider than the stock tire so down by the bumper they stick out a bit.

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    This is on my 06 gmq. 2012 GT500 19x9.5". +44 offset running 285 in rear and 255 up front lowered on ridetechs. I can send more pics if needed

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