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Thread: Those dang transmission cooler lines!

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    Those dang transmission cooler lines!

    Guys, any idea how to route these from the transmission ports up past the starter, motor mount, then connect line-joining bracket to the bottom of the AC cannister before hooking up the hoses from the radiator? Looks like there is also a connector/bracket that might bolt up to the block? Been trying for a few luck.

    FYI - the cooler lines were completely de-installed as I had the engine and tranny rebuilt. At this point I have the engine and tranny back in.


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    ok guys, as usual, ya stick with it long enough, ya figure it out
    1)route the lines starting on the tranny side, push the line through the space between the motor mount and the block, along side the oil pan
    2)drop the power steering u-turn hose (single bracket bolt) to make room
    3) most important, drop the sway bar (4 large nuts, 2on each side)
    Everything should fit through at that point with a little wiggling applied.

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