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Thread: Drivers seat won't do anything, passenger side is fine

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    Drivers seat won't do anything, passenger side is fine

    Kid has a Marauder and when he bought it the drivers seat track seemed to have a stripped gear, you could hear it click but it wouldn't move forward without help (back was fine). Here we are a couple of months later and the seat seems to be dead, won't do anything. The back of the seat won't adjust anymore either and that was fine before. I have a seat frame/motor from another car we parted out (2001 GM) and was going to put that in but after hooking it up it wouldn't do anything either. Passenger seat is fine and so are the other things that connected to that same fuse.

    My understanding of a multi-meter is pretty limited but I did find the wires corresponding from the door to the seat harness and they seem to be fine because the meter will move when I connect each end. It pretty much leaves me assuming the switch on the door panel is what's bad.

    Any thoughts if that's the issue or is there something else I should look at. I tried to search around but didn't see anything, sorry if this topic has been brought up before.


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    If you have a battery, use 12 volts to test the spare motor to see if it definitely works..
    if you have all the factory stuff hooked up, press and hold any button, if the cars dome lights don’t dim at all, then the motor isn’t getting power.
    test each fuse,
    I bet bad motor popped the fuse, causing that side to not work

    a quarter wedged in the slide will stop it from working, but at least the lights would dim
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    Thanks for the response (would have been sooner but was busy and locked myself out before bed last night). Anyhow, any idea what pins I need to touch on the motor to put power through it? Also, after looking at the manual It appeared like both seats were on the same fuse. I should share that I did pull the fuses under the hood and under dash I thought were related to the power seat but other things run on that same circuit so I kind of ruled that out. After digging around I found a page on line showing where fuses are located (I was using a manual from my 2002 GMG which may have been enough different) so I'm not sure I checked the correct fuse after all. I may run over to where it's stored tonight to see. So, back to my question earlier....are both power seats on the same fuse?


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    There is no fuse for the power seats in the passenger compartment fuse panel. Number 602 (20A circuit breaker / maxi fuse) in the under hood power distribution panel supplies power for the seats, adjustable pedals, locks, decklid and lumbar support. NOTE: There are no fuses in the passenger compartment fuse panel for these devices.
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    Pop the wire harness out of the door / body jamb between the door and the body of the car, bet there is a broken wire in there...
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    That's kind of what I figured out regarding fuse location. I'll check that fuse one more time and go from there. Thanks for the feedback.

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    That was one of the things I was checking for with the multi meter. Connection from the door to the seat harness seemed to have conductivity but I may dig around there a bit more if there's something I didn't check correctly. We'll dig into it and hope for the best.

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    Sorry for your problem. This is a reason I picked up a seat out of the junk yard from a CV sport.
    Just in case my power seat track needs replacing, or the whole seat frame.

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