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    Electrical Clip

    My daughters 2014 Ford Escape 2.0 was throwing a CEL. The code showed it might be the turbo boost solenoid. Ordered one from Auto Nation Ford and installed it on Sunday. When I removed the electrical connector, there is a U (square) shaped metal clip that holds the connector onto the solenoid. As usual, a 30 minutes job turns into an hour because the clip went flying and never hit the ground and I could not find it. I called Ford and they were no help. Can't find an exploded view. either Only the solenoid valve and hoses etc. Anyone know if this clip can be purchased separately? The solenoid fixed the CEL BTW. Thanks, Curt

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    Try worthwhile place to know anyway
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    Can you use a zip tie?
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    According to the interwebs Dorman 645-1001 is a replacement pigtail. Has the clip I pictured after your description. Would be nice to find the clips by themselves, they're used in several other applications.
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    I put a tie wrap around it, but it could slip off. I've been watching the local U-Pull-R-Parts salvage yard, but nothing in their inventory yet. I might try using a small wire to wrap around it where the clip was in addition to a tie wrap.

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