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Thread: Voltage fluctuation from 14.5V- 12v

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    IMG_9982.jpgIMG_9983.jpg Here is where it came from and they ran it back around the engine, over the brake booster, and I believe tapped it into the harness or ran it through the firewall, not 100% sure. But let me tell you, whatever it is, I never had the voltage jumping/spiking issues again, which i had for years and drove me crazy. If you want any specific better pics, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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    I've been having similar problems with my 47k 2003 . It started with the charging light coming on at idle in drive with the A/C on . The original alternator burned up a couple of years ago on a road trip to New England . I got a replacement at a local Auto Zone but for a normal Grand Marquis as they didn't stock one for the Marauder. I too am now experiencing the voltage fluctuations and spikes . The Auto Zone alternator died a few months later and was replaced under warranty . I'm currently running a Ford Reman unit and still have the same issues ! BTW , the Ford reman unit doesn't have the clutch style pulley , is this normal ??

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