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Thread: Widened wheels

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    Widened wheels

    I am installing some 9.5" wheels on the rear of my 04 in a week or so when I get the tires (295 45 18 Nitto) put on them. Am I going to need a small spacer to fit these? I have aftermarket control arms and stock shocks and airbags.

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    I use a .25" spacer. Some get away with no spacer.
    You "feel" the difference because you want to "feel" the difference. Since you just spent money on the upgrade you "have" to feel the difference

    I'm looking to eliminate the double pump process I have to follow right now to get the pedal hard

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    I had the exact same combo on my 2003 Marauder and the tires cleared the rear shocks by about 1/4".
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