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Thread: Battery light flashes.....

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    Battery light flashes.....

    I tried looking for an answer to this question and couldn't find one, so hopefully I'm not repeating posts....

    Every now and then while idling forward, especially if I'm crawling over a bump or on an incline, the battery light will flash for a split second. One time it actually dropped the RPMs enough to seem like it was going to die (like popping the clutch too quick in a manual), but didn't. Wondering if this is another "personality trait," or just a dying alternator, bad tensioner pully, worn out belt something affecting the charging system??? Thanks much


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    You might want to get your alternator tested. My battery light started to flash recently (very short flashes) when I turned the headlights on. After having my mechanic test it, he found that the alternator was on its way out. What's the mileage on the car?
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    Do you have underdrive pulleys?

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    Mine does that too for some reason it's all stock and I replaced alternator about a year ago but every now and then it does it sometimes when I turn the wheel all the way

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    Check all your ground and positive connections. Check the cables for resistance. Not abnormal to have corrosion inside the cables.

    Get the alternator tested.
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    81,000 miles on it. The belt is tight and not worn out. No add-ons anywhere, all stock. Maybe it is just a dying alternator. I suppose on the very low end, alternators go out around 80,000 mile aye?

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