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Thread: Keyfob functions only when ignition switch is in position 4 & 5

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    Keyfob functions only when ignition switch is in position 4 & 5

    Hello all,

    My 2004 Marauder's two factory keyfobs operate only when the ignition switch is in position 4 or 5 (see attachment; position 3 is the "off" position). After nearly ten years of owning this wonderful machine, the issue started happening yesterday after arriving home.

    I have since replaced both fobs' batteries and attempted to reprogram them both via the programming procedure described in the owner's manual (attached) and via steps described in other posts on this fantastic site, but to no avail. The only "action" that occurs after conducting the manual-described procedure is the following:

    • When I press the brake pedal, the locks "activate" and move to the "locked" position.

    In addition, and simultaneous to, this keyfob issue, the following phenomenon also has begun taking place:

    • Key removed from ignition.
    • Passenger-side door opened.
    • Automatic lock button pressed.
    • All door locks proceed to locked position, then, one second later, unlock. This is the locking procedure that normally occurs when the key is left in the ignition.

    Any leads to help resolve and solve this dual mystery would be greatly appreciated.

    Update #1: I've made an appointment with my wizbang former Ford mechanic; will revert after he assesses the issue.
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    Changing the battery will not require reprogramming. Must be another issue. Good luck!

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    Usually when the doors unlock after pressing the lock switch means the driver door is open and the key is in the ignition so You don't lock The keys in the car while it's running. You may have a problem with the door striker mechanism inside the door.

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    I have a spare DDM (driver door module) but you can program your existing fobs to it easily. Let me know if you need it.
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    After some scheduling delays, my mechanic was finally able to dive into his issue. After performing computer-based tests and making several other checks, he deduced that--as Bad Merc mentioned earlier in this thread--the driver door module (DDM) had failed and needed to be replaced. He found no other electrical or mechanical failures in the vehicle.

    Will revert when the work is completed.

    (Replacement DDM)
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    The new driver door module (DDM) has been installed. All issues described in this thread are now resolved/fixed!!

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