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Thread: 2003 Black Marauder For Sale - Northern Ohio

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    2003 Black Marauder For Sale - Northern Ohio

    I have not been active on here for some time, but recently got a Mach-E and am considering selling my 2003 Black Marauder.

    It has about 65k miles and I have owned it since 2003 and it was built in 2002 and is #2724 of 7838 2003 black marauders built 7/24/2002.

    I am asking $20k OBO. It is available for viewing in Norwalk/Sandusky Ohio area.

    I added SS bumper inserts, sill plates (one rear lost due to kids), K&N air intake, ADDCO sway bars, stainless brake lines, gods head logo badges, replaced dash radio now has CD changer and option in the trunk. Heated seats were added by dealer before purchase. Dealer drove 1500 miles prior to my purchase.

    Additional extra set of wheels available as well as the OE sway bars and air intake.

    2003 300A
    Built 7/24/02 - #2724 Black
    44,000 miles bought in October 2003.
    Huron, OH

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    I can get you a sill plate if needed.

    PM me.
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