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Thread: Marauder causing more grey hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Man View Post
    When I had the tuner on looking at the DTC's I checked the gauges option and the battery was reading 11.74 w/ the car not running.
    And that is your problem.

    Get the battery charged and get a maintainer for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Man View Post
    When I had the tuner on looking at the DTC's I checked the gauges option and the battery was reading 11.74 w/ the car not running.
    11.74 battery = all kinds of goofy problems and probable no cranky... Charge it up or new battery time.

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    Braved the triple H's and played with Ms.D's hot rod. I swapped batteries with my car and still not a peep from the SB. Fuses made not difference either so it will be off to the stealership to sort it out. I'll have them track down the airbag issue as well.

    Thanks for the ideas to try.

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    Probably the wire coming out of the starter going to the solenoid rotted off. Something else to try push the shifter up hard into park or put it in neutral & give it a try. Could be the neutral safety switch out of adjustment or bad.

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    Switch the relay like fastblack stated.......they go BAD and don't ask how I know!!
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    ALL of my FoMoCo cars with PATS give a no-crank/rapid flashing theft light when attempted to start with a bad key. None of them crank.
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    Marauder causing more grey hair.

    There is two forms of PATS that I have read about. I can’t recall which disables what but I definitely had a no crank and I remember jumping my starter just to find out fuel or spark or both?? had also been disabled. This was way back in like ‘08ish. Car wasn’t even modded yet!

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    I tried both of the keys. Fuel pump is working. Switched the relays and the 30A #101 looks fine. Car started 2 weeks ago w/ no fuss other than the airbag dash light. Ford will figure it out.

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    Getting ready to haul the SB to the dealer for analysis. Been reading a few other threads with cars not starting and some of the advice is to examine the crank position sensor. Would this part cause the car to not even click-click-click the starter if it was faulty? Where is this part located on the car? Is there a way to test it without fancy diagnostic equipment?

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    I have a '03 CV that had the same issue. It turned out to be a chafed wire which runs from the ignition switch to the starter relay. You can confirm that's the issue by removing the starter relay and using a jumper wire from the battery to power the starter solenoid. If that gets the car started, then you will need to trace the harness along the firewall and look for the damaged wire. I don't have my electrical manual available to give you the wire colors and pin-outs.

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