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Thread: Never presented myself..... Started hunting parts for eaton swap

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    Never presented myself..... Started hunting parts for eaton swap

    Hey all, I got my first MM in 2015 and joined the page two years after that. From then until now I have owned a few and even a trilogy silver that I sold last year. Fast forward to now I was able to find my first MM and bought it. I'm keeping that one and not selling ti. As far as engine mods all I got is an accufab throttle body, intake and Marty tune, I started my hunt for the eaton swap and this is what I currently have.
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    Welcome back. Pretty cool that you got your first one back!
    You "feel" the difference because you want to "feel" the difference. Since you just spent money on the upgrade you "have" to feel the difference

    I'm looking to eliminate the double pump process I have to follow right now to get the pedal hard

    2004 300A Procharger #0010 D1SC
    2003 300A Procharger #0017 D1SC (SOLD. Last I heard, it was in Washington State)

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