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Thread: Slight Overheating

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    Slight Overheating

    So I was running an Auto-Cross on Sunday and I made my last run of the day in the late afternoon. As I was driving at about 10-15 mph from the course to the parking area, the transmission seemed to be stuck in 3rd gear. Then I noticed the temperature gauge was about half way between normal and hot. I let it idle for a while and it cooled back down to normal after about 3 to 5 minutes. I've never had that happen before and I've been running Auto Cross events for over 10 years. Any thoughts?

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    Cooling fan running? Both engine temps and trans temps amongst others command the PCM to run the fan when needed. Make sure both fan speeds are operational.

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    Is your radiator clean on the outside and not full of dead bugs and leaves?

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    20 bucks says power washing the front of the radiator behind the A/C condenser will fix your issue.
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    Originally Posted by Zack
    The only diagnosis is changing it.
    I have one if you need it.
    The AEM pumps don't burn up FPDM's

    Diagnosis at my house is inspecting wires. Drink a beer. Talk about what to do next. Drink a beer. Call Jaydees to bring over his spare FPDM. Drink beer waiting for him. When he shows up with the part look at it and say hold my beer while I get in the trunk. Replace part. Cannot test drive because............ Diagnosis.

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    Fans were running. When I stopped and opened the hood, I could hear them running, so I put my hand between the fans and the engine and I could feel air moving just fine. Reservoir was/is at the proper level. I've just never seen this happen before and I've had the car since June of 2003. I'll take a look at the radiator more closely this weekend.

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    My god. Cool it off and pull the cot plug, fill it from that port. You saying that the reservoir looks normal makes my skin crawl because every marauder owner should know the fill level from the reservoir doesn’t mean a thing.

    You are over a gallon low on coolant, fill at cot and squeeze heater hoses.

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