Decided to install an AOD (4 speed od non-computer) since C6 was getting goofy.

1)There is a 1.5" thick aluminum adaptor plate, mine was made by Speed Gems, a very nice piece. And the upper 2 trans mounting bolts are some .6" higher. The hex bolts will be damm close to the ac evaporator box. I assume the same situation would happen on 65-67 also, Mercury's may be ok, not sure how the extra Mercury wheelbase affects the engine to dash spacing. If no ac, no problem then.

2) the mini starter mounts with only two 1/4" bolts, I hope they can handle to start-up torque. I will likely add a pin.

3) I have shorty headers, and this mini starter makes contact, enough where I need to hopefully rotate the starter, drill/tap new hoes. In process..... If the oem manifolds are used, it might be ok, I have idea.

I wanted to post this on the Galaxie Club Forum, but my log-in is not cooperating.

I knew this would get interesting.