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Thread: High Mileage engine rebuild

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    High Mileage engine rebuild

    So I've got my 03 that just rolled over 207k, and as I've been tracking it more often the tiredness of the engine is showing more and more. I'm planning on a refresh for a hotter NA build, and given my unfamiliarity with the ford engines, I figured I'd ask to make sure what I'm doing will be effective (and cost effective) and that I'm not leaving anything out:

    Crankshaft: reusing, should I have the journals ground for .010 under bearings or leave at stock tolerances?
    Rods: replace, probably with Manley, keeping stock length
    Pistons: Replace, go with .010 over, I'd be inclined to use Carrillo, but if there's a better option for these motors I'm all ears.
    Rings: Replace, looks like Total Seal or Sealed Power are the front runners. Any opinions?
    Block: Machine for the new pistons, line bore crank bearings? anything else?

    Heads: machine multiangle intake valve seat, radiused exhaust seats, replace valve stem seals, gasket match porting on intake side
    Valves: Reuse, unless there's something I don't know about?
    Cams: Been on the fence for a while. If I can find something that helps broaden the powerband I'll do it, otherwise I'll reuse. Has anyone had any luck with that objective?
    Valve springs: Between Comp, Crower, or Ford Performance, is there a consensus? obviously with a different cam I'll change rates if necessary.
    Followers/lash adjusters: Reuse? Do I need to do anything with these?

    Replace timing chain guides and tensioners, all gaskets, do the rear head cooling mod, replace the crossover tube, and flush the coolant system before hooking it back up.

    Is there anything I'm missing to get another 100k miles of abuse out of it? Any opinions on the parts listed above are welcome.

    This will likely be hooked to a 6R80 when it gets stabbed back in.

    Thanks in advance,

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    A few of us have had great luck with Brian Tooley Racing springs. Also make sure to get the steel tensioners when you replace the timing stuff.

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