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Thread: Thicker steering wheel???

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    Thicker steering wheel???

    I've noticed that my hands prefer a thicker steering wheel than the stock wheel. Both of my fleet vehicles for work had much thicker wheels that the MM and even my Fox Mustang is thicker. Was there a bolt in Ford wheel that is thicker than the MM version? I'd prefer not to use the wood wheels from the TC unless I painted the wood or wrapped it in leather.
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    I am not used to the feeling of the original steering wheel. I actually wrapped the steering wheel in leather just to provide some 'girth'. If you go that direction, there are a lot of YouTube videos out there that can help.

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    How about wrapping the existing wheel with a leather cover? Then you can still use the buttons.

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    “Dallas steering wheel “ does a great job addressing recovering wheels. I too prefer a thicker steering wheel in addition to thumb rests.
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    Someone here had one wrapped years ago and had thumb rests to it. It turned out super slick. Any decent upholstery shop could do that.

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    Leather Steering Wheel Covers Manufacturer and Distributor (

    they have solutions for the MARAUDER steering wheel

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    Quote Originally Posted by burt ragio View Post
    “Dallas steering wheel “ does a great job addressing recovering wheels. I too prefer a thicker steering wheel in addition to thumb rests.
    ^^^^ I can confirm this company does excellent work. I installed a few over the years. Widened, with thumb rests was plush.
    They're pricy but quality is first

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