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Thread: No keys and no key code.

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    No keys and no key code.

    Hey guys. So I bought this DTR at auction. Came with no keys. I looked in the trunk and didnít find the key code sticker. Owners manual is long gone too. Can a key be obtained with the vin number ? Iíll drill the tumbler if I have to. Iím trying to avoid being an animal and breaking the column too. I could use an assist from those wiser than I in this regard.
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    A locksmith can make you a key and program it, you can get door code if You remove drivers door panel. It's on the brain box by the speaker. Once you have two working keys you can program more keys by your self thru the ignition, just have them cut first.

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    Is it possible to find the last owner?
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    You can also get the keyless entry code while the panel is off.

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    The key code sticker often found on trunk hinge is for the keypad, the factory set code. It is also on the driver door module. Call Ford to see if they will make a key based on Vin and ppwk you bought on auction. Ford will charge you like $100 plus for a PATS key. You will need a key to signal PATS to start.
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