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Thread: Buy one or both, 2003 Black 300a, $16,750 each!

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    Buy one or both, 2003 Black 300a, $16,750 each!

    I'm 74 years old. Have two 300a Marauders that health problems and estate planning are encouraging me to sell. The first is an original 0ne-owner with just under 75K miles. All stock with the exception of a badgeless grill, Rear emblem delete, and Lidio tune. Has the brass pedal gear retrofit, LCM relay mod, Silicon o-rings in the a/c heat control unit. Has the 6 CD player in trunk, excellent interior like kids, no pets, no smoking. Has been driven only 20K miles over the last 10 years...a garage queen. Both cars in storage over the winter as we RV to south Texas for four months the past 10years.
    unit1 (5).jpgunit1 (1).jpgunit1 (3).jpgunit1 (8).jpg

    Second marauder has has been heavily modified for the drag strip, although to the best of my knowledge it never made a single run. It has just under 120K miles. I have owned it over 10 years, and have converted it back to daily driver use. It is FAST & LOUD! Again driven less than 20K over the past 10 years. Too many mods to list. Will be glad to send a list if interested. The bad...paint shows the normal wear and clearcoat issues of many Marauders that age, some small dimpling from hail, no key fob. The good...people drool over it, has had all the retrofits the other one has, and am always asked "What the hell you got in that thing" after I blow them away at a stoplight. Dyno tuned to produce 477HP and 400ft/lbs torque.
    unit2 (7).jpgunit2 (8).jpgunit2 (1).jpgunit2 (6).jpgunit2 (5).jpg

    As stated, buy one or both, $16,750 each, or both for $32K. If you want both, your get all the bits and bobs I collected over twenty years like steelies from a P71, extra axles, NIB brake pads, filters, spares, etc. And, if you're a large person, the leather jacket!!

    Message me or call 870-656-9937. Located in Mountain Home, Arkansas
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    300A born on 06/02 stock but for Lidio tune

    2nd 300A born on 06/02 blown by Vortec

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