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Thread: STOLEN Atique Marauders

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    STOLEN Atique Marauders

    These 2 Marauders were stolen from Topeka, KS about 6-12 and 6-14-22. Please be on the lookout. The first has been reported in St. Joseph, MO but second one is burned from the hood to the front seat with the dash and wiring melted.100_0537.jpg100_0531.jpg
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    Eyes peeled in the Lenexa, OP, Shawnee area Sir. So so very sorry to hear about this, Bruce.
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    Originally Posted by Zack
    The only diagnosis is changing it.
    I have one if you need it.
    The AEM pumps don't burn up FPDM's

    Diagnosis at my house is inspecting wires. Drink a beer. Talk about what to do next. Drink a beer. Call Jaydees to bring over his spare FPDM. Drink beer waiting for him. When he shows up with the part look at it and say hold my beer while I get in the trunk. Replace part. Cannot test drive because............ Diagnosis.

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    Thanks, Neil!

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