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Thread: Electric Rack and Pinion for CV K-Member

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    Electric Rack and Pinion for CV K-Member

    In case anyone wants to run an electric steering rack:

    Not cheap but its would free up some space by deleting the power steering pump if you need that room. The problem I see with it is the same as the Volvo electric power steering pump which is they throw 12V+ ignition hot to it to get it to work. Being there is no CAN bus signal my guess is it goes into limp mode just like the Volvo pump does. Cortex has this "control" unit for $400 (out of stock) but again this one just turns it on and no speed input so its the same boost at all speeds.

    If you are curious about the Volvo electric steering pump go here:

    Volvo Electric power steering conversion (Full write up) | Page 5 | Ford Mustang Forums (

    I am doing this on my F100 with a Coyote and CV front suspension. Also utilizing the controller that has the GPS so the assist or boost on the pump is speed related and it does not run in limp mode all the time.
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