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Thread: Body, engine, and trans mounts

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    Body, engine, and trans mounts

    I'm gonna replace my engine, trans, and body mounts. Has anyone made urethane mounts for panthers, or is rubber the only choice?

    To anyone who has done the body mounts: any tips or things to look out for? Do you do them one at a time or loosen them all first or...? Thanks for the input.

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    I just did my body mounts with poly Dorman Kit 924-327. You will need to buy 2 extra 924-324 and 2 extra 924-325 mounts. I did one side of the car at a time. The #2 mounts come out through the wheel well. Look at the new front (#1) mounts before taking the old ones out to see how it threads together. It worked out good, just be cautious as you jack the body up that you don't go too far and start tugging on wires, hoses, etc. Also, make sure to match the old one with a new one. There are 4 different style mounts. (2x) #1 position. (4x) #2 position. (2x) #5 position. The rest are all the same. The original mounts on my car were really bad so the new ones made a huge improvement.
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