Engine reassembly package $700 + shipping from Louisville KY
Current list price totals more than $1150
Contains almost all needed parts to reassemble MM 4.6L DOHC engine
All new components Include:
Cloyes timing set 90387SF
Oil filter adapter gasket Fel-Pro 7081
Oil pan gasket Fel-Pro OS30725R
Melling oil pump M227
Ultra-Power cylinder head gasket set HS9790PT3
Intake plenum gasket Fel-Pro MS96108
(4) M10 main bolts w/stud for baffle 3L2Z-6345-AA
(8) M10 main bolts 3L2Z-6345-AAA
(12) M8 main bolts 3L2Z-6345-BA
(10) Side main bolts XF3Z-6345-AA
(16) Rod cap bolts F3LY-6214-A
(20) Head bolts 5R3Z-6065-AA
(16) Exhaust manifold studs N811313-S431
(16) Exhaust manifold nuts W701706-S2
Front crankshaft seal F5AZ-6700-A
Slinger ring F6AZ-6310-AB
Known parts NOT included are rear crankshaft seal and intake to head gaskets

Accepting cash, USPS money order, Zelle, & Pay-Pal (credit card user add 4%)