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Thread: Is this forum kind of dead?

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    Is this forum kind of dead?

    Just joined recently and it doesn't seem like there's much going on, especially not recently.

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    People have migrated over to facebook over the past 6-7 years and quite a few of the what I call 'bedrock members' are either no longer with us or have sold their MM. It sure ain't what it used to be...

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    A good number of automobile-themed forums have taken a participation hit due to Facebook. Thing is, I've found that there's a lot of history in the forums that doesn't exist in the Facebook groups. I, too, am a relative noob here, and I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned by searching through old topics. I haven't found Facebook to be very useful for those kind of searches. It seems more useful for instant gratification.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolumpia View Post
    Just joined recently and it doesn't seem like there's much going on, especially not recently.
    Hi and welcome from a fellow born and raised (til 4th grade) Iowan. (Humboldt Co.) There are quite a few Marauder owners in Iowa. Maybe they will chime in as they are extremely knowledgeable. The site is not nearly as active as it once was, but still useful for info and hopefully more actual in person meets to come. We used to do an annual Marauderville that brought people from all over the US and even Canada. Carlisle All Ford National in Carlisle, PA still happens every June and still draws our members, tho numbers are declining. Local meets are another option and anyone can organize one and promote it here on the site, for example a cruise to the Amana Colonies with lunch once you get there. Pick a date and see who wants to go. We are an on-line car club and only as active as individual members decide to be. Anyway, great to have you on board and consider coming out to Carlisle in June. You'll be most welsome!
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    Don't forget about the Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise every August.
    I believe they had 12 MM in attendance the Friday night.

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    It used to be full of fun until was seemed like the fun police started scouting. There's still no better place to go to when you need a problem solved
    Those were the days.........

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    I love THIS bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by lji372 View Post
    It used to be full of fun until was seemed like the fun police started scouting. There's still no better place to go to when you need a problem solved
    This ^^^

    Well said Jerry!

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    ^^^+1 well said indeed!^^^
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    Remember when we had the 'The Dark Side' forum.....Holy Crap!
    That was crazy.

    BTW: Welcome aboard!
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    Fight the decline! Post something about your MM, or some hack repair so others can gripe --- its all good! They made 11,000 of these 18 years ago, and there's Still !!!! a devoted fan base. Says something about the cars and the owners. I have multiple makes of cars which each have multiple internet forums, and none of them match the intensity of the Marauder crowd. Welcome!
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    And there sure isn't a more knowledgeable, more honest, or mote helpful group anywhere. I have had six or more "unknown to me" members here save me on numerous occasions. I own three of my three sleds due to the efforts and honesty here. Trust all of them more, with more, than I do most of the people I do know. Have sent entire cars, and money, to these folks and never had an issue or disappointment. While we aren't as "blingy" as we used to be... I'd pick these mates over all others every time! Hell, just writing this helps me to remember I owe some Christmas gifts. Hohoho!
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    I try to see what's going on here once in a while, but I rarely post any more
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    I don't check in every day, but then again I don't have something break on my car every day. That said, the quality of info here and the ease of searching historical discussions is infinitely better than trying to get anything useful from a FB group.

    I also appreciate moderation that keeps discussions within 1 tangent of the original conversation haha

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    I been a member for like a year. Very knowledgeable people in here. I love looking through the stickies.

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