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Thread: Checking in on you guys.

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    Checking in on you guys.

    who's still around and what are you driving? There's a Marauder near me with two hundred plus on it with a Mo's tune.

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    There's a blast from the past. I'm still driving the same 2 Marauders. Haven't been on your side of the state for quite a while.
    1963 Marauder S-55, Super Marauder 406
    Only factory 406 powered Marauder, and earliest built Marauder documented to still exist.
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    Long time no see.

    Still have the Marauder.

    Daily driver is a 2010 P7B...for now. I've been lazily shopping Ford Flexes and may have found one down in SC...

    I also have the '91 Country Squire and the '82 Cougar wagon (yep, wagon!) with the GT-40 headed 302/T5.

    '03 Marauder | '91 Country Squire | '18 Flex Ecoboost | '92 Shadow VT1100 | '15 Road King
    former Panthers: '02 MGM, '04 MGM, '04 MGM v2.0, '04 MM, '07 P71 w/5-speed, '04 CVLX, '03 SAP P71, '10 P7B
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    2003 Marauder
    2003 Marauder 300B,
    6468 out of 7839 - Thanks Brian
    Heated Seats
    35% Tint
    Mercury All Weather Mats
    Trunk Organizer - Thanks MartyO
    Sold 4/3/2009 Now resides in AL.
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    2012 Kia Sedona Van
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    My Dead Marauder


    Around 4 years ago, I prepped my '03 for a trip to Maine from Michigan - last operation was changing oil and filter. I test drove it after the change to check for leaks. The computer went nuts, and engine noise began. It's been parked ever since. I assumed it had some sort of cam chains/guides failure. At least it didn't die on me 700 miles from home!

    In Las Vegas, NV, I bought a retired Las Vegas Metro Police Department 2009 Police Interceptor and drove it back to Michigan - it's been my daily driver ever since.
    1957 Custom 2 dr Sedan, 1979 F-series 14' U-Haul 330 XD, 1979 F150 4X4 428 PI/CJ heads/NP 435/4:11 axles-rear Det. Lkr., 1993 Grand Marquis, Y2K CVPI supercharged 5.4, 2003 MM

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    Good to hear from you! We're still here and still enjoy our Marauders. Mr. Man has his Titan pickup and his '03 JPB. I have a Dodge Durango and my 04 SB purchased new in Oct '03.
    2004 Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Society

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    I kinda/sorta remember ya...think I met you at one of the Louisville meets. I still got my '03 SB; turned 180K on the odo right before Christmas last year. She'll turn 20 in April and I'll have owned her for 12 years in March. Plan to have the timing chain and guides replaced some time this year...was hoping I'd be able to wait until it hit 200K, but it's been making quite the racket on every other start up for about 6 months now.

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    Holy cow there's a blast from the past!!! Still have my Marauder, too. She will be 19 years old in March and has 55,620 miles. I have all the parts to do my Eaton Swap except for hoses and soft parts. My daughter better marry a gearhead 'cause he'll probably inherit mine. Good to see you again.
    '04 Silver Marauder w/ sunroof - HID lighting, JL Audio / Eclipse DVD/NAV/iPod/camera, 4.10's, 2" drop, Progard Bumper Baffle, Delete tips, Billet Pedals, BC4E dead pedal, Lidio Tune, Mach1 chin spoiler, K&N CAI, TCE lines, Super40's, tinted tails, SS Inserts, Heinous Control Arms, Real oil gauge, lighted door handles. Currently installing Eaton M112.

    2004 Mercury Marauder
    Born March 2004, adopted October 2005. Sold January 2012, adopted AGAIN January 2016
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    Owned mine since January of 2020; still my daily driver. Has about 62,xxx miles on it. Been slowly doing minor OEM+ modifications; I would like to see to converting the rear tails to ambers but it is currently on the backburner due to school. It's currently just converted to LEDs around back with a solid-state flasher to prevent hyperflash as well as allowing me to still run incandescent ambers up front.

    I have plans to paint correct and ceramic coat the paint. Looking forward to that because it's probably one of the best things that can be done to protect the paint for a daily-driven car.
    2003 300B Mercury Marauder
    Built 01/22/03
    Purchased 01/29/20
    68,xxx miles

    July 12, 2023 - 68,203 Miles - RIP original engine

    October 31, 2023 - Rebuilt engine installed

    Modifications/Stuff I have done on the car:
    rebuilt stock; slightly overbore. Original 68k mile heads, new OEM Ford performance timing kit, Terminator Cobra Oil Pump, Billet Steel oil pump gears, ARP head studs, main cap studs, and side bolts. The latter ARP stuff for future endeavors.
    Thor 2800-3000 Stall Converter
    ADTR Front + Rear Sway Bars
    Metco Billet Watts Link
    Metco Billet Rear Control Arms
    1998-2003 Amber tail lamp conversion - Painted and smoked to near-OEM spec.
    HID Projector Headlamp Retrofit
    OEM Mercury Mountaineer Hitch Cover
    Front in-channel rain guards
    Other Stuff:
    4-pin trailer harness
    Class III Tow Hitch
    Cadillac 4-note horns
    Hayden 679 Transmission Cooler
    Obligatory Marty Tune

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    I am still Maraudering in the good old summertimes. Nearing 40K miles.
    03 MM, DBP, Charcoal, 6disk, HS, organizer, spoiler Mods: Z&M arms, Beamtech Led headlight bulbs, LED turns, ditch, tails, reverse & interior(blue), oil deflector, U-Hall Tranny pan. running stock size Cooper Zeon RS3-G1

    02 SL500 Silver Arrow - first aid kit delete, maybe for sale

    08 Town Car Signature Limited, HID's Mods>235/55-17 Z rated BFG G-Force Comp-2 A/S, Addco 1" rear Sway, Posi, Compustar Remote Start, floor liners, trunk organizer, Winter=05 Mustang GT rims, Nokian Hakkapeliitta R-2 235/55-17

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    Yo Hack. Been Marauderless for years. I check in every now and again.

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    Hey, all! My Marauder hasn't been running for a few years due to an undiagnosed spark/fuel issue, and the matte-black paint job has been totally destroyed by weather and the California sun. So now I have a 2019 Ford Taurus SHO PP on its way from Texas with only 14,000 miles. It's the lowest-mileage SHO I've seen so I jumped on it. Already ordered a set of 20" black powder-coated, five-spoke wheels and a police interceptor grille for it. The SHO is AWD, so it's perfect for spur-of-the-moment drives to the snowy mountains just an hour outside of LA. Should have it within the next 48 hours!!!

    It's been 20 years since I got my Marauder, so it's time for a new fast sedan. The BMW M5 priced out at over $150,000 and the AWD Dodge Charger only comes with an under-powered turbo-V6 which is a whole second slower than the SHO. Meanwhile, my Ford Focus Electric's battery has been fading so I gave it to my GF and bought a 2019 BMW i3s last summer to make my daily commute. The BMW i3s is quick and handles great (the 'S' is the performance version), but the SHO will be for road-trips with no charging-anxiety. With the right tune, the SHO should do 0-60 in 5.2 seconds.
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    2003 Mercury Marauder 300B, matte-black, S55 taillights.
    B&M transmission/Precision Industries TC; Eibach-lowered; Addco rear anti-sway; Metco rear control arms; Steeda UDP; 180 'stat.

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    Post pics of the SHO when you get it.
    I have a black 2011 SHO. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

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    I sold my trilogy about 8 years ago and bought it back 2 years ago. It has about 91k miles on it now and i've been just working on it slowly. Little issues spring up if the car dosent get driven.
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    Hi Paul, Still got my original 03, about 91k now, Lidio tune. Picked up an 04 Black, local about 10-11 years ago that needed lots of TLC, after original owner passed away, his son didn't take care of it. Saw him one morning driving it, waved to each other, read his obit a couple days later. Drove past his house about 1.5 years later and saw it for sale. Got it mechanically running, and took to Mo's for 4.10s and a tune. A few years later, thought that it was totaled after a p/u rode up the side over the whole passenger side, hit the rear tire and launched it, bumper snagged the A pillar and set his rear tire down on the w/s without breaking it and drove off the fender, landing upright. We all walked away uninjured. We both had to panic stop to avoid a couple of accidents ahead of us. He locked up his brakes, so no control. Drove the car 3 hours home, StateFarm recommended shop fixed it for more than I paid for it. Did a great job, had them paint rest of the car. Still driving it when not driving my 05 E150, 190k+.
    MARAUDERS get me ****!

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