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Thread: Happy Birthday to One of the 0riginals -

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    Happy Birthday to One of the 0riginals -

    Want to shout out to one of the originals here, back when this site first started, in the days of first owner "Logan"--he left and came back and now goes by the name -" Black N Black" and although he doesn't post much--heck I don't either now come to think of it --lol-- anyway he knows what a lot of fun and knowledge he contributed in the beginning- still does now and then--

    But when you are an Original Marauder Owner, like me and him, as is many others still here on this site, its nice to know your remembered!
    03' MM Black 300 A - (FOR SALE--)
    Build Date 6/25/02 - #1,987 of 7,839 for '03
    Vortech T- TRIM -Water to Air -
    12.45 at 109.6 MPH
    1.92 Sec .- 60 '
    Alt .SSHS 9 --11/7/09

    '06 CV P71 Street Pkg
    Interior Marauder Floor Shift
    All New Parts

    '12 F-150 KingRanch Off Rd Pkg.
    373 Gear EcoBoost- Does What's Asked

    In Memoriam....11-14-13
    He loved this site so MUCH! and the Members More!!

    Rex Weinbender (SC Cheesehead)

    One of the best friend a person could have

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    Right you are !!
    Black 2004 (X-03 owner), TRILOGY #127, Nitrous, Alternative Auto Tuning, Ford Racing 4.30's, k&N, Reinhart Cooling Mod, Metco Driveshaft Loop, Bobwhite Inserts, Member Sunshine State Marauders.

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    Happy Birthday.

    production date 06-05-02
    686 of 7838
    Trilogy Supercharged #159

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    Wishing a
    2004 Silver Birch
    Build Date 3/19/04
    Adopted on 10/19/07
    Seq#2102 of 3214
    #681 of 997 SBs
    #154 of 336 SBs with the moonroof
    Thanks Brian
    Member of The 100K Club 11/20/11
    moonroof-heated seats-6-disc changer-trunk organizer-rear spoiler-mercury all weather mats
    Action Automotive-SS Inserts
    Auto Meter 4327 Oil Pressure Gauge
    Badgeless Grille(Thanks 03 Merc)
    Big Mike's Performance-"Sto n Sho" License Plate Holder
    Dead Pedal(Thanks lji372)
    Curless's Pedal Gear Repair
    Cruzer's-Arm Rest
    EATC Ungrade(Thanks JACook)
    Escape/Audiophile Radio Upgrade(Thanks shodude)
    Ford Racing M-7195-AOD Aluminum Trans Pan
    Innovative Interceptors-God's Head Valve Stem Covers
    J-Mod Valve Body
    K&N Performance Intake Kit{CAI}
    LCM Upgrade(Thanks Fastblackmerc)
    Marty-O Fender Badges, Tune & 4:10s
    Panther Lights HID Headlights
    Pro-gard Skid Plate
    Rear Cooling Head Mod
    Visteon Sirius Satellite Radio Setup(Thanks RoyLita)
    Weather Tech-Side Window Deflectors

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    Happy Birthday bud

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    Didn't know Logan was back. I have been heree a while myself! Member 76. Still have my Marauder that I bought new in 2002.
    2003 Mercury Marauder
    2007 Mercury Mariner Premier 4WD V6
    2008 Mercury Sable Premier
    2002 Mercury Sable LS (Sold)
    1998 Ford Contour Sport (Sold)
    1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 (Scrapped)
    1997 Mercury Villager Nautica (Sold)
    2003 Mazda Protege5 (Sold)

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    Happy belated Birthday!
    “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”
    Ronald Regan

    "The only way to deal with the Islamic State - these blood thirsty, blood-drunken, terrorists -
    is to kill them, keep on killing them, until you kill the last one, then you kill his pet goat."

    Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters

    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
    "I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes, if you **** with me, I'll kill you all"
    General James Mattis

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    Happy Birthday Logan!
    2003 Marauder 300B,
    6468 out of 7839 - Thanks Brian
    Heated Seats
    35% Tint
    Mercury All Weather Mats
    Trunk Organizer - Thanks MartyO
    Sold 4/3/2009 Now resides in AL.
    1961 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
    1973 Oldsmobile Toronado
    2012 Kia Sedona Van
    2008 Corvette Convertible
    2003 Marauder 300 A Thanks Larry O 6/14/17
    2021 Prius Prime Limited
    2023 Chevrolet Silverado High Country
    Member # 440
    ----- John

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    Hello Logan,

    A nice legacy here.

    03 MM, DBP, Charcoal, 6disk, HS, organizer, spoiler Mods: Z&M arms, Beamtech Led headlight bulbs, LED turns, ditch, tails, reverse & interior(blue), oil deflector, U-Hall Tranny pan. running stock size Cooper Zeon RS3-G1

    02 SL500 Silver Arrow - first aid kit delete, maybe for sale

    08 Town Car Signature Limited, HID's Mods>235/55-17 Z rated Cooper Zeon RS3-A, Addco 1" rear Sway, Posi, Compustar Remote Start, floor liners, trunk organizer, Winter=05 Mustang GT rims, Nokian Hakkapeliitta R-2 235/55-17

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