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Thread: Center console gauges/ cigar port

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    Center console gauges/ cigar port

    I know the gauges in this thing are dummy gauges. It either reads a number or at zero and I'm wondering how to get a real oil gauge in that center console area along with the volt meter. The light also went out for the oil pressure portion. The cigar port also doesn't work anymore.

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    You have a couple of choices. These gauges come with a electronic oil pressure sender that replaces the factory dummy light sensor that is threaded into the motor near the oil filter.
    This one is most similar to our factory gauge, however the illumination comes from around the edges instead of having the numbers backlit. If you are comfortable cracking the gauge pod open, you can swap the factory backlit faceplate into this pod and the numbers and needle will align properly. I've had this setup with the swapped face plate in my car for several years. It looked indistinguishable from factory and it got the job done, however the oil pressure sensor that comes with this kit has a tendency to start leaking oil after a while. After experiencing the same leak with a second oil pressure sender, I swapped this out for something else.
    After I supercharged the car and swapped out the volt gauge for a boost gauge, I didn't care about matching the factory backlit faceplate anymore since the new boost gauge wasn't backlit anyway. I went with this significantly more expensive oil gauge mainly because the electronic oil pressure sender was higher MUCH higher quality than the sender on the other gauge. I've been running it for over 10 years now with no issues. Also, I noticed that it's more sensitive to small changes in pressure and generally more accurate.

    Generally, any 2-1/16" gauge will fit in those spots, so if you don't care about looking factory, your options are unlimited. Autometer ultra-lite is the closest to our factory gauges, but they don't have the green backlit numbers. It's front lit. They also have a Ultra-Lite II range with backlit illumination. Ultra-Lite II gauges look really cool at night and are very similar to the factory gauges in daylight, but the night time illumination is very different from factory, so I wouldn't consider it unless you want to swap out the volt gauge too to match.

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    Appreciate it

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    I can send you LED bulbs for the gauges. Check the fuse for the lighter.
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