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Thread: Tire size advice

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    Tire size advice

    I have a 04 marauder with traction control what are the tire options that won’t cause a issue with traction control. I have Factory wheels looking to go a bit bigger/wider tires (but not anything to outrageous). Will not be widen wheels. And not really looking at 295 in the rear they look to wide for my taste. Any advice will help

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    the two common sizes people used to step up to for a slightly wider stance was a 255/55 (taller than stock) and a 265/50 (slightly shorter, odd size that normally only came on nitto nt555). I'm not sure what options exist today in these two sizes.

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    Must maintain 3-6% diameter difference front to rear with traction control.
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    Like the 265 in rear. Rare, look for Nitto Motivo.

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