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Thread: Just Checking In

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    Just Checking In

    Sure is dead here.
    Are there any original Windy City Marauder folks still here?
    It's been 10 years since I saw any of you guys
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    Still around.
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    Still here!
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    Haven't been here in months... just happened to log in today to see if there's any cars for sale. Sad the forum is dead. TheChicagoGarage seems to still have plenty activity though.

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    Good to hear from you guys, it's nice to see there's a few of the OG WCMM guys still around.
    I miss the old meet ups and shooting the breeze and checking out ever bodies cars at the meets.
    I sold my 2nd DTR a few years ago and have been Marauderless since. Still love the cars but got disgusted when it became too much more and more about how too many folks started getting into profiteering and how can we make a quick buck off the folks that really loved these cars.
    Health isn't great, been fighting the VA for Agent Orange benefits for almost 10 years. I even had to quit riding my Harley's after over 50 years of riding. It's killing me to see my 2 Harley's sitting in the garage perfectly running, full of gas and just gathering dust.
    I hope you and yours are all doing well.
    Stay well and enjoy the ride
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    2005 H-D E Glide Classic
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    Hey Lar, I’m still here. I sold her off a year ago last New Years Eve to a proud new owner in Witchita.

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