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Thread: New member from Florida

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    New member from Florida


    From the Tampa area of Florida and I picked up a 2003 Mercury Marauder in black about 1.5 years ago and I decided to make an account to search for info on swapping cams. I come from the classic car and lsx world and I always had a things for Marauders since they were new. Although I love my GM stuff I love my Marauder and I also have an 04 Mach 1 that I also love as well. I worked in the transmission world for many years but never learned modular motors and I'm looking forward to diving in on them.

    I know a power adder is where the bigger results are at but I think camming a Marauder is just cool

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    Welcome aboard
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    New member from Florida

    Cool but expensive, I know.. most everyone here will tell you it isnít worth the small gain from a big wallet. Most anyone that is sane at least.

    For the rest of us who donít care about the power and have a few extra bucks to spend I say go for it. I used Crower stage 2 blower cams and absolutely loved the choppy exhaust. Especially considering my engine mounts were fully welded too.

    Definitely not a good bang for the buck, but not exactly braking the bank to get what you want..

    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome aboard!

    4.10 gears and a good tune first.

    Having spent a TON of money modding a 4.6L DOHC including a set of 4 (!) Crower 'Baja Beast' Cams this would be my recommendation based on the $$$ that you have to spend:
    1: Forced Induction on a stock 4.6 Modular
    2: Coyote swap
    3: Godzilla swap
    4: LS swap

    I would NOT spend a lot of money modding the internals of a Marauder 4.6L Modular.
    Too many parts need to be upgraded if you are going to make serious power (500+HP) out of it.
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    Thank you for the info and welcomes... I love the sound of a cammed engine, not really looking for the performance side of things with bigger numbers but I am open minded to other options... 4.10 gears will def be in the future. JMOD too, found some good info on here about it, it was a common request in some of the shops I worked for back in the day but I never did it myself because I didnt own one.

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    I'm located in St. Pete, would love to meet up.

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    Welcome to the forum. I see your profession is transmissions. Have you had the opportunity to view the forum write ups on our 4r75w mods ? I found this to be a big game changer. I am sure you are familiar with the mods.
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