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Thread: howdy howdy howdy

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    howdy howdy howdy

    hi there, I'm... well my name doesn't matter, I go by Athena.

    I recently came into possession of a 1970 X-100 Marauder, a car i've wanted since i was a teenager driving my first car, a 2003 Marauder I rebuilt with my dad and drove until a drunk driver smashed it about 5 years ago.
    Now I got the X-100, affectionately dubbed 'Beast', and the story goes that it was the original owner's first car, so its coming full circle. Beast was a one owner car with lower miles than anything I've ever owned, but she's been sitting for some years. Cared for for most of that time, but still sitting. So now I have the task of getting her back on the road, and look forward to having the chance to bring her to a meetup someday soon. First big difficulty is the rear drum brakes, but was thinking of just looking into a disc conversion in the rear anyway, advice welcome.

    I'm handy with a wrench and can do all the basics like oil and changing a flat and whatnot without issues, but the full restoration is going to be a new hurdle for me, so expect to see some posts looking for advice (Especially when i get to carburetor work)

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    Welcome aboard! There are a few members with the old Marauders here. Might take a few days to get a response as this is mostly the late model MM crowd.

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    Unfortunately the 1969-70 Marauders are the ones I know the least about, but I may still be able to help with some things. Most of the 63-4 folks use Wilwood disc brake kits. I don't know if they make them for the 1969-70 and I can't think of a Ford product that might work.

    That being said, awesome car and history!
    The X-100 and the 2003-4 are the only Marauders not available with a standard transmission.
    The X-100 is the only Marauder that came standard with more than 400 CID.
    1963 Marauder S-55, Super Marauder 406
    Only factory 406 powered Marauder, and earliest built Marauder documented to still exist.
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    Bought 6 June 2002

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    Welcome aboard!
    2003 Marauder 300B,
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