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Thread: Cuts out after WOT (Paxton equipped)

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    Cuts out after WOT (Paxton equipped)

    Intermittently my car sort of cuts out almost like itís dropping cylinders after I get on it hard. It also wants to surge at idle during deceleration. I have an 03 with a cobra engine and a Paxton Novi. Itís pushing a little over 630hp. It was tuned by Mo. previous to this issue or would act up and completely die. Itís had the coils recently change with a new MSD set. it doesnít die anymore (yet) but acts up how it did before when it used to die. Any ideas ?

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    No codes when I scan with my SCT

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    Possible vacuum leak.
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    Yes, vacuum leak. The diaphragm in you bypass/blow off valve is ripped or torn. You can either replace the diaphragm or replace the entire valve assembly.
    You "feel" the difference because you want to "feel" the difference. Since you just spent money on the upgrade you "have" to feel the difference

    I'm looking to eliminate the double pump process I have to follow right now to get the pedal hard

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    Thanks for the leads gentlemen. I did find a few significant vacuum leaks for the Bov hoses. I’m from 12 to 20 inches at idle.. hopefully this is my fix. Will test tomorrow.. don’t want to piss off the neighbors. The bov diaphragms were good but I’m glad I took them apart because they really needed a cleaning.

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