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Thread: NOS Sterring wheel

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    NOS Sterring wheel

    $450 NOS NIB steering wheel. Does not include the airbag but I have a few of those I will list separately once I find them. Shipping cost not included. I have a few other steering wheels as well.


    MM steering wheel front.jpg

    MM steering wheel back.jpg

    MM steering wheel box.jpg
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    2004 Marauder Black, loaded
    Vortec S/C
    3500 PI Stall
    Kook's headers
    476.9 rwhp 385 lbs/tq
    KVR's, QA1's, M&Z control arms, rear sway bar
    Lidio tune
    2004 Suburban Dark Charcoal
    1970 W-30 442 convertible twilight Blue

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    Pm’ed about the wheel

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