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Thread: Windshield Wipers Only Work on Highest Setting?

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    Windshield Wipers Only Work on Highest Setting?

    I have an 03 MM. When I bought it the windshield wipers only worked on high and the washer fluid wouldn't dispense, so I did some research on it and replaced the multifunction switch but that didn't work. Dopes anyone have any suggestions on what to do or what the problem could be.

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    Sounds like the wiper motor needs to be replaced and the tubing that the washer fluid traverses could be blocked/plugged/leaking. Where the wiper motor is located is where debris and water likes to hang out and if not cleaned out every once in a while will cause issues. When you try to activate washer fluid, check in the engine bay or underneath car for any runoff.

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    Read thru this, nicknamed wacky wiper syndrome
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    Thanks to Marty O for his help in updating this car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubberCtyRauder View Post
    Read thru this, nicknamed wacky wiper syndrome
    This ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
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