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Thread: In case you were wondering (like me) about Motorcraft oil...

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    In case you were wondering (like me) about Motorcraft oil...

    There's a YouTube channel called Project Farm where a guy tests a wide variety of products to determine it's quality against other brands. Today he uploaded a video about motor oil and Motorcraft was one of the oils he tested. Over the past 100+k miles of MM ownership, I've thought from time to time if staying with Motorcraft oil was making any significant difference vs buying what's on sale...FWIW, here's the link to the video:

    Just picked up 6 quarts of Motorcraft oil and a filter last Thursday as it's time for another oil change.

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    Wow… really cool, thank you!

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    2004 CV HPP Silver Birch, 93,000 miles. Son's DD, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires (thank you Lowndex!)

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