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Thread: Replacement Wiper Motor -- does Motorcraft WM734 Wiper Motor fit the Marauder?

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    Replacement Wiper Motor -- does Motorcraft WM734 Wiper Motor fit the Marauder?

    I am having wiper issues with my Marauder. It's 2024 and Tasca no longer stocks the wiper motor for the Marauder. A search on RockAuto reveals that Motorcraft wiper motors are available for a 2004 Crown Vic, but the options for Marauder do not include a Motorcraft part. Is the Wiper Motor specific to the Marauder, or is this a clerical error of some kind?

    Has anyone used the Reman Cardone wiper motor? Success/failure?


    **** I know the procedure here is to remove the cowl, clean the flap, open up drain holes, and coat with silicone/ WD40. For reference, I would like to know if anyone has used the WM734 motor in the MM (I've seen videos on YouTube of people replacing the motor but it's always a CV/GM, not MM).

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    I'm also curious. Is it maybe 6W7Z-17508-AB or AARM (WM-657)? I did buy a reman Cardone for another car and it didn't work so not happy about Cardone quality. Unfortunately, I didn't return it in time so was out the money.
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