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Thread: Cenral Florida come on in Got a few questions and a crusie night!

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    Exclamation Cenral Florida come on in Got a few questions and a crusie night!

    Thanks for reading this,

    im posting this to a few websites so it will be a general type of post.

    X-CFM had their car show on the last Sat of the month. I posted it in many diffrent car forums but all were domestic forums, Ford GM and Mopar. For the most part I had a pretty decent turn out. I was surprised that any cars showed up, one reason was the new direction we are taking X-CFM, the location and the interent only promotion of the crusie night. Many factors were involved in maybee the lower turn out than I hoped for but 20 cars did show up.

    The direction I am wanting to take with this is not just RWD V8 cars, I would hope more of an anything goes type of crusie night., with old and new, sports cars and hot rods. I posted mostly on newr cars sites such as mid 90 Impala sites, Marauder sites, Crossfire, Magnum and SRT sites and diffrent ford and chevy car and truck sites, stangs Vette and Camaros. not much of a response? I am wondering why?

    The place I talked to the manager at Ruby Tuesdays where the crusie night was held engouraged the event and hope a bigger event could be organized. The reason for this email.

    I was wondering th you the car nuts in Central Florida is it worth it? I noticed on a few message boards that I posted it and it got pushed to the side like its a memebers only website and they do things only if (insert car here) was the event? To me that is pretty self centered and just wrong. Would like to know your personal take on the post and your websites events? Would you come out to a cruise night? Or you "keep to your own"
    Again i am asking this since I see unorganized import events pop up with no problem and we cant get hot rodders out of their garage? on a Sat night? to show off some American Muscle? It is just once a month. On a Saturday with a site that wants it to happen and its up to us. I know there is alot of competition out there for car shows but this I hope follows something that went on up in Mass. where it went on for a while weekly! and became almost habit to do AND HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 20 YEARS. I would like this to be to but also just on a monthly basis.
    I also would in return like some input from each site on what or how to get these hot rodders here? interested and comming back. Im always up for some advice. or help.

    The next crusie night is tenativly sch. on Dec 11 Sat. at the Ruby Tuesdays on Kirkman Road.
    If I get a good response I will say its a go. So please email me and let me know what you can do or if you would like to show! I would really like to have a great turnout just before the holidays!

    Again thanks,
    Dave M
    ODG/ X-CFM

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    You are welcome to join us at Bradendon track tommarrow if you like. Their will be at least 24 Marauders their also Dennis Reinhart will be joining us. , maybe if you meet them they might have a interest. Just a thought.

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    What time do they meet? Kirkman Rd and (Ruby Tuesdays) where is it?
    I live on the east side.

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    I will Go and check it out. Alawys up for a road trip. Please post city and cross street
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    Thanks for the invite Cobra..though it is kinda late now lol

    but hey guys I hope you guys will attend, I tried getting the Impala SS guys to go but they are being like the above mentioned..."into themselves" and really are getting on me to try and get something going...

    But enough about them..would love to see some of your big bad sedans!!

    I will keep you posted on if its an actual go..maybee on Mon I will decide already got some intrest from a few Lightning owners and Mopar guys and Silverado SS hope you can spread the word..

    The crusie night is on the corner of L B Mcleod and Kirkman Rd. very easy to get to from I4..
    will post up a internet flier with the directions and everything if its a go. would like to get at least 15 almost deffinates to go to this thing, already am halk way there...

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    You can count me in. It sounds like a great idea. Thanks for trying to organize something in this area.
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    Flier is out guys!!! Hope you can attend!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z28 Autobot
    Flier is out guys!!! Hope you can attend!!
    Flier? Do you have a link? Or attache it to a PM or E-mail?


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    Thumbs up

    Its in the Forum...Amsoil that your ride in your avatar??? if so very nice!

    really would like to have a few MM's show up, Ive always loved them before they came out even, and to boot the Impala SS guys that your always compared to..well they are to into themselves and the SS forum I posted the flier on, well basically they told me to "scr#w"...

    ohh and here is your flier

    Serious guys I hope you really can make it out..and thanks for all the interest!!!

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    My son and I are planning on heading over to Ruby Tuesdays from Brevard county Saturday night. Was wondering if any Central Florida Marauder owners were planning on going.


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