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Thread: Ford dealer parts discount for Canadian Marauder owners

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    Ford dealer parts discount for Canadian Marauder owners

    Hi guys

    Logan should be putting the formal announcement and banner ad soon, but I wanted to give everyone the heads-up.

    As discussed in a previous thread, we have made a deal to offer a discount to members of, Canadian residents only.

    Fines Ford Lincoln Sales
    12435 Highway 50 South
    Bolton, Ontario
    L7E 5T5

    (This is in the NW corner of the Greater Toronto Area, close to Brampton)

    905-857-1252 m
    Emails sent to that address go directly to my workstation.

    You can also send me a p.m. of course, but I may only get to this site once or twice a day.

    My name is Ed Nicholson. If I'm not here, you can speak to the other guy in the Parts dept., Rob Tippett. We will offer "trade" price, which is usually 15 - 20% off the published retail price. We should be able to supply most if not all of the OE Ford and Ford Accessory items that Ray does in the U.S. I do have several pairs of the GT "Powered by Ford" coil covers in stock, that we ordered before Ford Canada raised the price. $149.00 + taxes for the pair while quantities last. Please contact us for specific requests. Through Ford Canada we do have access to several different brands of tires as well.

    We will extend the discount on parts for items on any Ford family vehicle, not just Marauder stuff.

    At this time, the only aftermarket items we would offer are ones that are available through Keystone Automotive.

    Looking forward to doing business with you guys. As I had mentioned earlier, we do have a pretty good deal set up with DHL / Loomis for shipping, so even if you're not in the area of the dealership, give us chance to quote a price for you anyway.

    Ed N.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

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    You rock, Ed!

    I don't know how much more convinient it will be for me, being out west, but for big ticket items, I'll certainally give you a call!
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    Glenn, we already do sell some stuff to the guys from the Super Coupe Club in the 4 western provinces. The rate we have for shipping through the Ford Canada contract with DHL / Loomis is very competitive. Please give us a try on anything over $75 - $100, I'm sure we can be cheaper than your local dealer, even when we add in the shipping charges. On large orders, I will split the shipping costs.

    Ed N.

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    American Racing wheels sale

    Guys, I should also note that we are a dealer for American Racing wheels.

    The 2005 American Racing sale date has been announced, it's coming soon.
    Friday, March 11 is the date for this year. As in the past, we do not know what the exact deals are until the day of the sale. Traditionally it has been an extra 15% off the published pricing.

    So if you are considering a purchase of any American Racing wheels in the near future, please contact us. We will quote you a price and give any details we can for fitment. Take a look at for some new styles for 2005. This includes any make of vehicle, not just Ford family products.

    Any orders placed with a 25% deposit before the sale date will receive the special pricing.


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    Does your being a sponsor allow you to ship us down some of that good Canadian beer?

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    mr_auder Guest

    Thumbs up Highly recommended

    I just got it together and ordered my rims, caps and tires from Ed at Fines Ford Lincoln. Exceptionally fast service, I ordered the package and Ed worked with my busy schedule. They are open late 2 nights per week until 8:00 PM. They are less than 45 minutes from downtown Toronto. I was there at 5:30 and out of there by 6:30 with tires, caps and rims installed; all BFG's in bags and in the car ready to go. My applause to Ed and "Fines" for a job well-done. It snowed finally on Saturday and wow "traction" . Ed is now my go-to-guy on Mr Auder. <BR><BR>


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    Aren't we all "Canadian Marauder" owners?
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    Hi Ed! Welcome to! I was very pleased with the service you gave me when my ignition cylinder failed last year. I'm over in Caledon East.


    Larry Pope

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHecker
    Aren't we all "Canadian Marauder" owners?

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    Thumbs up Ford dealer parts discount for Canadian Marauder owners

    Cool, another fine vendor at

    Welcome aboard Ed and thanks for taking care of our Northern brothers.
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    Is this still valid, Ed? Or are you even active anymore?

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    His last activity on MM.Net was almost 11 years ago.

    On Monday, maybe try the phone number he listed on his first post above...
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