hey guys, yes its me again, the 2 valve guy that just wont stop hanging out here . You guys are looking for more power same as me, and I just happen to have 2 .525 inch lift mod max cams sitting on my desk at home. Should net me a slight power increase with a chip . Just thought id let you guys know that mod max makes some pretty wild cams for the 4 valve engine also, and they are relatively affordable. cheaper than a supercharger etc. Also they make blower cams, and even in naturally aspirated form they should help power, and then later when you put the blower on, woah momma. I myself got the hottest blower cam setup they offered, so I will wait a few months to put them in with a dennis chip. Warranty is almost up, that makes me both happy and sad considering i bought the car new in july.
Good luck guys
Just type in mod max cams into google and you should have no trouble finding them.