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Thread: More POWER 5.0 CRATE MOTOR

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    Cool More POWER 5.0 CRATE MOTOR

    Just came across this.

    300A , Valentine 1 / K-40 Laser Defuser + ,SCT Tuner XCal2 ,180 T-Stat,Plugs,4:10 gears,
    KB Dead Pedal, Factory Spoiler ,Dynamat Xtreme,Tint,Rear cooling Kit (DR),
    Stallion Torque Converter (DR),PHP Intake Spacer Kit,K&N 63-1111cold air kit
    Kooks Headers.

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    Impressive...Nicely built for an "out of the box" motor. N/A, and supercharging is out of the question. Octane may be a problem too, with that 11:1 compression, but hey, with that much bolt in HP and TQ, who cares?

    No price stated, but I would expect cost to be in the neighborhood of adding S/C to our MMs anyway, so, let's see where this "crate" option is, once we see where our MM S/C options come in, take another peek at this in...June? Maybe, August '03?

    Thanks for the 411, Badger, it's good to see developers are still thinking "outside the box," but in a crate too.
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    11:1 should be able to run on pump 93, especially with a reputable octane booster on top of that. Otherwise, nice motor!

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    that's the new engine from Ford Racing It is a mod motor, even though they are redundantly calling it "cammer"
    Some people think it's an old windsor 5.0 with special ohc heads etc.

    Ford has done this right, as i understand it will be available with a selection of wire harnesses and accessories to facilitate installing it in all sorts of vehicles. They are after the Rod and Custom, Hot rod and Street Rod markets as well
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    Originally posted by TripleTransAm
    An interesting side note: this isn't the same forum I used to post on for years, and I've been doing a lot of reading over the past 48 hours on both sites. Looks like there's been a serious splintering. I never thought it'd be possible for this to happen to a group of owners of a car model that sold no more than 14000 copies over 2 model years. Kind of scary, when thinking of the scale. Makes one think that maybe it'd be a good idea to do some introspection and think about what each of us needs to do to build a solid community, analyze what it is we're all honestly looking for by belonging to this community.

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