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Thread: 5.0 cammer crate motor

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    5.0 cammer crate motor

    Hey guys, I was wondering about something. Ford has shown us what i guess is the final production version of their 5.0 cammer crate motor, it is said to make 415 horsepower at 6750 RPMs. Does anybody have any idea on what pricing on this engine is going to be? Summer is here, and modification decision deadline is approaching. If this motor is reasonably priced, I will sit on my wallet for a little bit, and save, or if it isnt, I will buy my 2 valve exhaust system (trying to decide between a 4 valve and a 2 valve). On a side note the supercharged marauder by paul's high performance seems like there was way too much work involved. Instead of cutting up the crossmember that gives the 03 panthers all that extra rigidity, wouldnt it have been better and easier just to swap on the marauder oil pan? Just a thought
    Thanks in advance
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    Count on a price of just over $11k for the 5.0 cammer motor, they're only making a hundred of them initially, and from what I hear, they're all spoken for.

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