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Thread: "God's Head" Vs. "Waterfall"/"Bend In The Road" Insignias- The Ultimat

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    Zane Guest

    "God's Head" Vs. "Waterfall"/"Bend In The Road" Insignias- The Ultimat


    While I am here let me ask another question: why do you think Mercury doesn't itself ditch its current "waterfall" or "bend in the road" insignia and replace it with the "God's Head"? I could certainly be wrong, but it would appear to me that virtually no one here prefers the latter over the former. If the "waterfall"/"bend in the road" is preferable then why did Mercury put the "God's Head" on the front seat backs, leather jacket buttons and its liner? Finally, no one I know truly knows what message Mercury is trying to send with the "waterfall"/"bend in the road".

    In essence, I am ultimately inquring as to what good it is to have a corporate insignia that evokes either zero emotion or, alternatively, confusion - especially when one has (in my humble opinion) a drop-dead gorgeous alternative waiting in the wings! Further, the "God's Head" insignia is historically very significant to Mercury and, in the automotive world, retro is hot!

    Would anyone here be willing to start a poll that could formally guage the numbers of people preferring each insignia? (I would do it myself but have no idea how it is done.) I'd like to send a copy of its results - whatever they might be - to Mercury.

    I, myself, think the "God's Head" is absolutely classic. What do you think?

    Thank you!

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    Zane Guest

    Please reverse the order of "latter" and "former" in my previous posting. Also, the reference to "While I am here....." referred to a thread I had posted just a bit ago that, for some reason, didn't appear. I'll try to post it again.

    Thank you!

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    Zane - The "Gods" Head badges are available. Check with MartyO, he has them on his MM. I believe the are also photo;s in the photo gallery. John
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    Hmm... I might work on that poll tomorrow. Lemme get some pics together of older Mercury emblems.

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