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Thread: Lets talk about octane and the Chip

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    Lets talk about octane and the Chip

    I just wanted to take the time and tell you what we have seen on dyno with the Marauder, with my chip the knock sensor sensitivity is turned up, if you run 91 or less octane in these cars the car will not make power, if you run 93 octane or higher the car will rock, I am talking a 60 HP difference, I have had one complaint on this chip he said the car just felt like it was holding back from 2/3 at WOT and after talking to him and checking his chip its nothing more than octane if you plan on running any thing less than 91 octane in this car don't bother with a chip, and if you run 87 in this car with no chip and get sever spark knock or detonation, you will take out a piston. Now the up date on the drive shafts Logan got the very first one and it had an OEM yoke in it, the company making these bought after market yokes and they were to long so they are now ordering Ford OEM yokes this will push the price up by 30.00 not to bad, so I have not posted in awhile I will try more often the 04 Marauder was tested out in AZ and has a beefed up tranny, and small refinements.


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    Gaylon Harwell Guest

    Lightbulb 'Reinhart Authorized Installer' in (north) Houston?

    OK..I'm sold.

    Do you know of anybody in the N Houston area that you would recommend after I buy the parts from you?


    PS Any plans for a handheld prom programmer-type device that will upload new data without the need for a hardware chip? How cool it would be to be able to re-install the 'factory program' into the computer before taking the car to the dealer for preventive maintenance...without having to pull the chip.
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    Around here all I can get is 91 octane. Is it worth chipping the car?
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    Are you seeing a 60 hp increase at rear wheels with just the chip? Wow. What about torque numbers? Does is move the torque curve at all? What happens if sometimes you can't find the high octane (93+) fuel? Will it harm anything to run a tank or two of lower octane fuel with the chip in? I think I will be placing an order!


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    NO the chip does not give a 60 HP gain I said with the chip in there if you run low octane gas you can lose that much second question is yes I have a file for 91 octane
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    "crappy gay"...I don't think THEY were a targeted market for the Marauder...

    Just joking Dennis...had to do it...

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    Question Octane rating ???

    Some of us can't get 93 OCTANE gas.
    In my area of Calif. it only comes --- Reg.87, Super Reg. 89, and Hi Test 91. There is no other.
    Is your chip going to work ??? Better yet, can it be made to work with 91 octane gas ???

    Also is your chip just made for 410s, If we put it in before the 410s will our speed Os show the right MPH


    Warren B.
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    Question Loss of HP w/91 octane and chip?

    Dennis, are you saying that you will lose 60hp from stock with your chip if you run 91 instead of 93? Or, are saying you will lose 60hp from the gain you would have gotten with 93 octane i.e. with chip and 93 259rwhp.... with chip and 91 octane 199rwhp down from 239rwhp stock.

    Please clarify!



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    I have explained this over and over again this car will only run as good as the gas you put in it with my chip

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    Originally posted by Dennis Reinhart :"I have explained this over and over again! This car will only run as good as the (93 Octaine) Gas you put in it, with my chip"

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    What I need is access to aviation gasoline.
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    Originally posted by Fourth Horseman:"What I need is access to Aviation (100 (Octaine) Gasoline.

    Stay close to SUNOCO.

    They seem to be on the Leading Edge!

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    I dont mean to sound short but again I have explained this now three times in the same thread, we turn the knock sensors up to make the car safe in case you are forced to go with lower octane, if this happens the EEC will pull lots of timing from the program and of course the car will lose power. I have one program with less timing for lower octane if its not ahailable in your area.


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    Dennis is right. This thread has run it's course. How many different ways can the same conversation be had.

    Closed. Start a new thread if there's something new to ask.

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