The owners of MM.Net are restating the policy regarding posting in the Forums. It has become obvious that some posts are, at best, mean spirited. This will no longer be tolerated. Members know what is allowed here and what isn't (see Forum Rules).

There have been some issues since the change in ownership regarding consistancy in moderating. We were trying to be a bit more lenient as we are all adults here, BUT, some have taken that as a sign of weakness. Rest assured that from this moment on violations will be dealt with harshly. If you want to post flames, innuendos and outright slander about ANYONE or if your main intention is to start a thread that will invite the same, be advised you will be censored and given a vacation. If this policy seems harsh, so be it. If you're posting just to cause trouble, you know the consequences. We have over 3,000 members on this site. We will never please everyone with regards to post moderation, so we have to apply it where it will benefit most of the Members.

This is a car site devoted to the Mercury Marauder, not a personal forum to attack anyone because of their preferences in aftermarket modifications. Ask questions, answer questions, post your funny stories and personal notes, but leave the trash outside or it will be taken out for you.