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Thread: Trilogy Motorsports says Good-Bye to

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    Jerry sad to see you leave here but I understand. I'm glad you were here when I was, then again, with 111 Trilogy Marauders on the road when I bought mine I probably would have caught on as to the magic of the Trilogy blower anyway.

    I'm not fit to participate in the rest of any pissing matches, so the best I can say is cheers to Jerry, and I can't imagine why anyone would disagree with that.

    Cheers to Jerry!

    ...and another one for continued success with Trilogy, I'll be glad to hear the latest news as you roll out more go-fast goodies.

    (By the way on that note, I saw the Roush magnussen blower setup for the '05 Marauder on HorsepowerTV, it's using only an M90 blower and sounds like a pricey kit. I'd love to see them feature your kit when it's out, watch it blow away that one on the dyno!)

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    Response from Jerry Barnes

    Quote Originally Posted by txmarauder View Post
    Hate to see anyone leave, but in the future if people want to leave can they just post it and leave their contact info for those that still want it, then lock the thread. Nothing against Jerry, but this thread is stirring up more crap, only in a select few. Then people are posting that they will or will not leave the site or take away their services they have provided probably hoping to hear people tell them to stay. If you are going to leave (Again nothing towards Jerry specifically) then just leave and lock the thread. But dont leave just because of a select few that dont see your point of view. My Trilogy MM is gone but i am still here because of the info i can learn and provide and hopefully when my situation changes i will get another MM.

    All the best to everyone no matter what choice they make.

    Let me say, that I spoke to Big Jim 3 weeks ago and told him to deactivate my account, cancel my user i.d. and send my banners back to me. I did not want a lot of fan fair, just to let everyone know I was leaving. Jim asked that I wait until he talk to the other owners, but I told Jim I was going. I am good friends with Jim and we have always got along very well. I owed him that opportunity to talk to the others. He has always treated me fairly. He told me he would get back to me by the weekend. He was busy and did not.

    Jim has had a lot of things going on in his personal life and did not have time to get back to me, so I just posted to let everyone know I was departing. Trilogy's departure will not have any affect on MM.Net, it's just a good business decision for me, period.

    Whenever they choose to do the deactivation is fine with me. I have already communicated what I would like. Plain and simple.



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    Good luck in your upcoming adventures!

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    Lightbulb Ended

    As posted in the other thread I spoke with Jerry only minutes ago.

    Jerry is free to stop by when he likes.

    You all know where to find him.

    Good luck my friend
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