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Thread: MM.Net Banner & Accessories

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    We have plans with the AACA Museum to do a group shot at MV9 after the car show on their front lawn similar to this shot. The museum will provide the photog. I will inquire about additional shots when we meet with them next month.

    And as Paul would say: "Yeah... We thought of that too "
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    Quote Originally Posted by MM03MOK View Post
    Hi Jason,

    I'll check with the printer tomorrow. It should go out this week.

    Thanks for your order!

    Thank you for the info, that is what I was after.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MM03MOK View Post
    Then let's think about a nice location, with the lighting at the right angle, allowing some room for text, logo, etc. I can find out from the printer what resolution works best for the size of the banner.

    Heckman - think about what would work in our travels. We want to allow the time to do it Right! Clean cars. Stock rims.
    I have a place in mind that may very well work for this.

    Unless things have changed, there was a field across from Mike Lennings Restaurant that would do the trick?

    I will certainly give it some thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MM03MOK View Post
    I'm sure with a high enough resolution picture, the banner company we use could create anything. The image we have is a stock image they were already selling. We just added some text. Don't know what the set-up costs would be to produce a new banner.

    It might be interesting to consider, lining up all four colors, with a nice background and a high quality digital image... Juice can take the photo!!
    The 4 Marauders with the Goldengate Bridge in the background is pretty bad ass!!

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    Hope to see it come to fuition!!
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    What happened to this link? No more banners?
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    Quote Originally Posted by guspech750 View Post
    The 4 Marauders with the Goldengate Bridge in the background is pretty bad ass!!

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    Go White Sox!!!

    You can find a photo on eBay on a magnet form for your refrigerator it's like five bucks in change
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    Im happy for you bro! Let the mods begin! I hear the mod bug broke his stinger when he heard you pulled the trigger!

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    The ad and the link were lost during a website upgrade. If someone wants one, you cam PM me.

    $48 includes shipping.

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