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Thread: Report: Condensator installed, works great, results and pics.

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    "The Technical Description
    as described by Elmer W. Bush
    The heart of the system is the Silica Gel Catalyst, (adsorbant separator),"

    Did he mean "adsorbent"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marauderjack View Post
    Hey Rich,

    I have a friend that has been making these for several years and he use bronze wool as the media and it works just fine!!! Clean it at normal oil changes and keep going!!!

    Yep mines stuffed with stainless wool, but it feeds to the bottom then the stuff has to work it's way up.
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    Having noticed a huge amount of oil in the upper intake...Doing the "cleaning"...really helped!!!

    Just installed a JLT pre-filter and an oil /air separator to prevent this situation from happening again...


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    Nice catch...

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    Has anyone noticed any MPG gains with the other oil seperators?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayjay View Post
    Has anyone noticed any MPG gains with the other oil seperators?
    That's a good question. Folks may not have been looking for it, when they installed them. If the steel wool approach works less efficiently than the Condensators Silica Gel media (which I suspect), any improvement may have been subtle enough not to be noticed.

    Another good question is did anyone notice any IMMEDIATE improvement in throttle response and glass smooth idle quality, after installing the JLT or steel wool separators. The result from the Condensator in this area was far from subtle, but I found it rather dramatic.

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