Hello Everyone, been a member on here for a couple months, but have been too busy to post. No Marauder yet, but hoping to acquire one sometime in 2022 now that I will have space. Always loved the Marauder (1st car was a '99 Grand Marquis), and hoped to own one someday. The goal would be to slowly modify until it's a bullet proof, fast car (goal is to outrun my buddies Tesla Model 3 to show him he got the wrong car). Seems like the best was about doing that is finding a Trilogy kit, and going with a bit more aggressive tune than standard.

Anyways, all just speculation at this point. Will keep you updated on when I get my hands on one and start the build process. Don't know much about the 4v engines (done lots of work on Chevys), so will probably be hunting the site for tips and tricks. Thank you guys for the add!