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    New Member Central Florida

    Hello, I am a proud new owner of an 03' MM I've had her for about 4 months. My previous vehicles were a 96' red grand am gt, a 98 grand prix gt, a 93 grand marquis ls, and a 1985 monte carlo ss.

    My favorite vehicle yet has to be the Marauder and i plan on being buried with it. I love this site, or in better words community and i would like to thank everyone for the love. I hail from St. Petersburg and reside in Orlando, FL and I'm a Part time student and Auto detailer. I have seen about 6 marauders in my area including two red ones( i know that one of them is an officer) and 4 other black ones. Hopefully i'll be able to make it to the next marauderville but my car already has 74k on it.

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    Welcome Aboard! Come to a meet down Tampa way sometime. Got a member or two in Pinellas as well.

    Best luck with your new ride!

    Alex, you'll always be with us!
    '04 Crown Victoria LX Sport 230A
    Bone Stock (Really, would I lie?)
    I couldn't see destroying a Marauder as my daily driver!
    '03 Marauder 300B as in blue
    DOB 5/12/03 - adopted12/01/06
    1 of 328
    SS Inserts

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    Welcome to the MM site.
    2003 Marauder 300B,
    6468 out of 7839 - Thanks Brian
    Heated Seats
    35% Tint
    Mercury All Weather Mats
    Trunk Organizer - Thanks MartyO
    Sold 4/3/2009 Now resides in AL.
    1961 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
    1973 Oldsmobile Toronado
    2012 Kia Sedona Van
    2008 Corvette Convertible
    2003 Marauder 300 A Thanks Larry O 6/14/17
    2021 Prius Prime Limited
    2023 Chevrolet Silverado High Country
    Member # 440
    ----- John

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    Welcome to the site! I love those 4th generation Monte's. I almost bought an 88 SS for $5000, but it would have been an impulse buy with money I really didn't have. One day maybe.
    2003 300A
    Built: 10/22/02
    XCal2 by Lidio
    K&N CAI #63-1111
    Steeda Underdrive Pulleys
    Stewart EMP Water pump
    Stainless Works long tube headers
    Random Tech high flow cats
    Super 44's
    Megs delete tips
    OEM Spoiler
    Duplicolor red calipers
    20% Tint
    14.46 @ 97.08

    5799 of 7839
    Made in Canada

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    Welcome too the Largest State Run Marauder Group in the Country. I hope too meet you at one of meet's or events. Congrats and Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome aboard...Hope to see you at an SSM event soon....Start saving for mods.
    former owner - Extreme Procharger Marauder
    2004 Silver Birch - Built 01-08-04 - Pur. 07-03-04
    "Proud Member of Sunshine State Marauder's"

    Extreme Procharger Bullitt Completed - still on the hunt for another 04 Marauder to build

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    Congrats on your acquisition, welcome to the group.
    2003 300B
    VIN: 677166, #6738 of 7839
    built: 2/13/03
    wrty start: 5/28/03
    69,810 miles @ adoption from Marauder57 02/21/07
    84,197 on 02/21/08
    95,776 on 02/21/09
    109,301 on 02/21/10
    121,447 on 02/21/11
    125,925 on 02/26/12
    130,375 on 01/01/13
    134,831 on 2/4/14
    149,441 on 2/24/18
    Dark Blue Pearl, #128 of 327

    Inherited mods: 4.10's, 180 'stat, Addco Rear Sway Bar, Ceramic-coated Cobra Manifolds, DR's X-Pipe kit w/hi-flow cats, KVR X-Drilled Brake Rotors (rear), PI 3000 TC, DR's Tranny Upgrade 1.5, DR's Rear Engine Cooling Mod, Metal Matrix Drive Shaft, Zack-Mack Rear U&L Control Arms.

    My mods: aluminum lower grill screen, tranny cooler, DR's NoIC Novi SL 1200 S/C kit self-installed 8/11-8/14/08, Zack's tranny tune, dyno tuned by Justin Starkey @ VMP Tuning: 447 RWHP/386 RWTQ. DDM 5000k HIDs, KB BAP w/upgraded wiring, RacerX modded FPDM, front springs cut 1.25 coils

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    Enjoy the site and your new ride.
    (#6178 in black per FPIC)
    Call 1-800-FORD-788 and press "1". Have the last 6 of your VIN handy. You will get the numbers for FREE. You'll pay $$$ for the certificate.

    MM traded in 8/9/13 @ 128909 miles. It was fun for almost 8 years. I met airmercpun on 1/17/14. He was the new owner of my former ride. -Now gone.

    Update: back in the game with a late build 03 GMGS with some MM add ons like Escape audiophile radio w/Sirius sat radio, rear sway bar, catback exhaust, and header panel.

    Rest In Peace:
    Alex "Marauderboi" Vachon 3/2/92-8/13/10
    Paula Babineau 1/9/67-8/2/11
    Rex Weinbender

    See my garage file for part numbers and whatnot.

    IMHO, this site- the members that I chat with- and the ones that I now Hang with- are like my 2nd family. There is such an ongoing welcome feeling here that even members who don't or no longer own the MM can feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 407MARAUDER View Post
    ... my car already has 74k on it.
    Don't worry. We have a S. FL member who has upwards of 120K and runs in the mid 13's NA on the stock motor!!!
    Magindat: (majin-dat) Imagine That.
    2013 Ford Taurus SHO

    Lemonade - living with Fruit Punch - in Blackmobile's Garage...
    FIT Procharger Kit #31 - 3.7 pulley - 9 PSI
    World's first BLOW THRU ProCharged Marauder - Reinhart Tuned


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    Greetings and salutations! I will try to remember to let you know when we have a little Orlando get-together. Probably sometime after the new year begins.
    White Lightning Kiarauder:
    2011 Kia Forte EX Minisculus Pimpmobilius Extremus
    Built-in Nav, Bluetooth, USB port, aux/ipod jack, ]2 power ports and Sunroof! six speed auto trans w/ Sportmatic, dead pedal, rear-view camera. Voice cmd for radio, sat, nav, cell phone and MP3.
    Four very muscular, steroid-enhanced, genetically mutated, Mountain Dew injected, wild racing hamsters cavorting under the hood.
    ............................... ...................
    Black Thunder:
    2004 Marauder - Black w/black interior
    Sequence number is 39 of 3213
    Traded in 12/12/10
    2003 Marauder - Dark Blue Pearl
    XCalibrator2/Reinhart tune
    Sequence number is 37 of 327
    10/10/2009 ---- Blue Thunder has gone on to a much better place -----
    Martyo's Garage!!!!!

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    I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me to the forum. to jman i would like to meet up in tampa just let me know in advance . And to freakstatus i sold my 85 ss a month ago and i really regret that i did..i let it go for $2500.

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