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Thread: gonna bolt a blower

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    fdrymas Guest

    gonna bolt a blower

    The screw blower on the SVT cobra will bolt up to our 4.6 4 valve. The alt. needs to move. but this looks easy to me. The cobra has a cast iron block and builds 390 hp. Any ideas on how our lower end will hold up?
    Dennis: I have your perfomance package in my car. What do you think? Will your chip support the blower okay?
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    Yea it will "fit" but the inlet is on the wroung side.
    Thats the most ovious difference,I think the heads are different too so the manifold won't fit.

    I "think" the engine in our cars is closer to the 96-99 Mustang Cobra than too the 2000-2002 Cobra.

    Does anybody know if we have the variable inlet valves like the early Cobras?

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    fdrymas Guest
    No we don't have the variable inlet. The heads are the same. The only motor with a change in the 4V head is the Mach 1. It gets the 5.4 intake cams. Most of the aftermarket high flow air conversions use a cone type filter anyway, so the stock air box will just go away. Move some switches, small stuff. I am worried about the rods and pistons. This motor is the 02 cobra with the change to the upper intake, drop in compression and a weaker tune. Our motors also are built on the low volume line at Romeo engine not on the "nitch" line like the cobra.
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