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Thread: Highest kms

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    Highest kms

    Since Canadian Marauders, or the 300eh as I prefer to call them, have the odometer read in kms, the numbers are much higher than the mileages of our neighbours to the south.

    I'm approaching 450 kkms. 500 kkms is at least 3 years away. Nevertheless, 450kkms... anyone else in this ballpark?

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    That's impressive, still on original engine and trans? what repairs, replacements have you done?

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    Highest kms

    Yes, original engine and trans.
    What have I replaced? Hmmm... over the years, aside from oil changes, tires, brakes, spark plugs, and other usual wear and tear items (by no means chronologically ordered):

    1 Alternator (actually, put in a DC Electric I got at a good price which died after a few years, and have been running the original since);
    Repaired LCM first for headlights then again later for taillights;
    A/C dryer rusted out a couple years ago;
    2 or 3 Air ride compressors;
    1 Serpentine belt tensioner;
    1 Brake master cylinder;
    1 Idle air controller;
    1 front wheel bearing;
    1 pair of lower ball joints;
    1 pair of stabilizer bar end links;
    PCV hose from valve to intake;
    1 battery;
    A few COP units;
    Will need a new fan blade asap, mine cracked yesterday;
    1 window switch;
    Repaired original BCM, and have put in 2 replacements since;

    Added these extras:
    Added an LED lighting strip to the trunk;
    Swapped in 6-disc Ford stereo head unit;
    Swapped in a carbon fibre intake tube and conical filter;
    A dead pedal I picked up from this board (I forget who made it);

    Things it needs that I've been ignoring:
    Drivers side front spring has lost about half a coil (a small segment cracked off, twice);
    Should probably change that fuel filter one day;
    Could probably use new shocks;
    Upper rad support, which is an aftermarket piece installed after a crash about 6 years ago, is cracked to **** and needs to be replaced;
    The body has taken a beating - probably every panel has a ding or scratch or crack in it;

    I bought this car in 2009 I think, with 251k kms on it.

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    I've only got 158k km on mine. I've seen a few posted on kijiji over the years with 200+ but nothing above 250k km.

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    Those are some crazy numbers. A testament to the durability of the Panther platform. I've only got just over 83,000kms on mine. My 2010 F250 has 366,000kms though, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03Rauder View Post
    I've only got 158k km on mine. I've seen a few posted on kijiji over the years with 200+ but nothing above 250k km.

    I bought mine at 251k kms :-). Wasn't my first Panther, didn't bat an eye.

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    Wow impressive numbers you guys are really taking good care of the cars..... I'm at 82,000 kms
    2003B Blk: #6304 of 7838

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    I am just over 300k

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