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Thread: Reminder of Forum Policy

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    Reminder of Forum Policy

    As a result of recent digressions from professional courtesy and common good will, this forum's moderators have decided to impose a more strict policy on posts within the Trilogy Motorsports forum.

    From this point on, please refrain from making posts damaging to either Trilogy Motorsports' product or anyone elses on the Trilogy Motorsports forum. We will strictly use this forum to discuss technical details, answer sales related questions, post information about events as well as updates to our Trilogy Motorsports web site.

    If you would like to bad mouth ours or any other product on the market, please take the post somewhere else.

    We will be closely monitoring the forum in the next week and will continue to monitor the forum in the future, removing posts that deviate from the professionalism and good will we offer as a company and as individuals; the same qualities we expect from those who choose to post in our forum.

    We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and will continue to provide the best quality product, support, and service that we have developed our good name and reputation upon.

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    This is completely in line with the way users SHOULD be behaving on this site. Can the childish antics folks, you're all old enough not be behaving like grade schoolers.

    If I see additional interference with Trilogy or any other vendor, I'll be removing accounts without further notice.

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